Empath Power Up

New Earth Empath energetic wellness, instruction, and support.
The tools and methods provided in Empath Power Up allow you to...

- Become more discerning of both your own and other people's energy
- Increase your emotional IQ and healing potential
- Improve your relationships with boundaries and communication
- Enhance your psychic skills and healing abilities
- Protect and increase your physical, mental, emotional and energetic health

You Will Receive...

  • 13 Modules for Support, Care & Activation of Super Powers
  • 3 Exclusive Guided Meditations for Empaths
  • 8 Energy Medicine Files & Activations
  • BONUS: Numerology For Your Home - Mini Course

Go from very sensitive to extremely psychic.

If you are an Empath who has been feeling depleted or wants to connect more to your intuition or Spirit Guides, then this course will help you to maintain your level of self care and evolve beyond the 3rd Dimension victim cycle.

Invest in Empath Power Up

Pay In Full Option - $2000
6 x $359 Monthly Payments
12 x $199 Monthly Payments

*This page outlines the Empath Power Up Self Study Version. For our private mentorship option, Super Size Me Bundle, visit our Courses & Mentorship page for further information.*