Meet The Mentors

Providing mentorship and facilitating transformation for Spirit Messenger Training and Spirit Messenger Mastery

Fazila Bizior

Intuitive Empathic New Earth Healer, Divine channel and Mentor for Self-Mastery and Ascension for Leaders of Light


Rachel Sabol

Intuitive Reiki Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor and Oracle Card Reader


New Earth Magic School's Founders

Ty Gold

Co-Founder of New Earth Magic School, Alchemist, Visionary, New Earth Abundance, Business, and Ascension Mentor


Riley Beau Gold

Co-Founder, Operations Manager and Creative Director of New Earth Magic School, Intuitive Artist, Brand Designer & Technical Specialist


Mission, Vision & Values

We are creating New Earth communities.

This reality is created by heart centered and soul led mentors and pioneers whose dreams and desires are to experience a world focused on love, harmony, joy, unity, compassion and freedom.

We believe by working together we can attain levels of self mastery and self awareness. This contributes to our collective society’s evolution to being more fundamentally loving, abundant, and free.

At New Earth Magic School, Ty Gold Alchemist, Be Your Own Guru CommUnity (Facebook group) and all extensions of those, we utilize powerful retreats, workshops, and online content and trainings that help Empaths, Psychics, Mediums, Starseeds and Healers explore their individuality, play with their unique gifts, strengthen their intuition and discernment, and learn how to embody more of their soul’s signature frequency and power.

This work provides more Divine Intelligence, Divine Support, and very advanced multidimensional tools that allow us to co-create our highest timelines of alignment towards abundance, freedom and joy.

We teach New Earth mentors how to lead from Divine Co-Creation, sovereignty, and Divine Service.