About Our Spirit Circles

Our monthly Spirit Circles are a space and opportunity for Divine Channels, Healers, Alchemists and Activators who are here to serve a higher purpose for the collective to receive medicine and guidance from the Divine and to stretch their magical skill sets.

We meet on Zoom for approximately 2 hours where we all channel, receive guidance and upgrades, and I offer mentorship. We do this every month on the last Saturday and yes, we now offer replays!

My job is to be the host and announcer. The Divine shows me and tells me who circle participants are working with and how as they are sending messages to them. I energetically hold the line and facilitate the space where our connection taps into our guardian angels, spirit guides, Ascended Masters and more. Some people see, some hear, some feel, some just know - everyone has an experience and everyone receives a message, insight or validation.

I have been sharing these experiences in person for over 10 years and I so enjoy this as a safe way to open up and practice using our gifts.

During our Spirit Circles you will...

Become more psychic and intuitive and more confident with your abilities

Receive extra support and guidance from the Divine

Learn how to anchor and stabilize your Channel in a more effective and accurate way

Connect with a diverse and global group of women

Find friendship and sisterhood in your commonalities

Show up courageously, coming out of the closet

No Matter Where You Are On Your Journey...

Whether starting out or more experienced, our circles can provide what you need to increase your confidence in your channeling and psychic abilities.

Maybe you already consider yourself to be a Divine channel or psychic? In that case, I would like the honor of pushing you past your current comfort zone to show you how much better and more magical it can be!

Come in easy and occasionally for $65 per visit or register for a full bodied transformation designed to support a soul ready to fly with her spiritual gifts through consistent effort and practice for $499/year!

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Registration is available to you after we have a chat about whether our circle is the right fit for you. If you are one of the souls wanting some of this medicine, support and collaboration book a call to discuss alignment ✨

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