What Experience Offers Us

confidence divine channel divine communication energy healer expert mastery mentor practice professional self mastery success Feb 15, 2021
** You don’t need 10 years of experience to do this work **
This was my song and dance back in 2013.
I had a whole lot of heart and a ton of attitude about my skills and my Training by the Divine.
What I would say to her now is that the experience identifies you as a master of your field.
10 years allows you to have practice and identify the work you can actually promise.
You’re going to make mistakes.
You’re going to promise and under deliver (especially with an ego like that).
You’re going to say yes to things and find out in the long run that the amount you gave to someone was a mistake in comparison to the price they paid.
All of this adds up.
All of this contributes to your expansion and creating a lasting foundation; to be able to give quality support and provide a thorough transformation.
You’ll know what you can promise to people and they will value that.
In those 10 years, you have mastered:
🔮Fortune Finding - you know exactly where the pot of gold is and how each person can find it
✨ Divine Communication - you know who, what, from where, the energy they bring, the gifts they possess and what each being aims to contribute and do for the human they are supporting
💚 - you have learned how to heal without harm, lead without abandon and not get caught in the crossfire of drama patterns
🧮 - a fair and equitable exchange. You have learned how to rate the exchange of your time and support for the value you provide people. You don’t leave money on the table. You support your clients to the moon and back without sacrificing, martyrdom or disempowering them.
💓- you have come to fully understand who you are and embody your values, principles and codes of honor and ethics entirely. This comes across in everything you touch. Your core codes shift people into new awareness, new heights and opportunities.
This is why you will be marketing yourself 10 years from now and inviting the excitement in from the past 10 years of your experiences.
Marketing and selling won’t feel icky and gross.
You just do you, be you, tell stories, make friends, and have fun.
So, no.
You don’t need 10, 20, or even 30 years of doing this work to be successful.
But 10 years from now, you'll be grateful for it for the experience of the 20 years. At each step of the journey you get to decide what success looks like and how you define it. 

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