Inspired Action Or A Reaction?

big picture duality guidance inspired action peace reaction release control spiritual support surrender transcend trust Feb 08, 2021
This momma bear has come out of her cave to share some suggestions from the Divine....
I call myself a momma bear for a few reasons.
This animal is a totem for me and always has been.
I see myself as a protector and can be quite fierce when called into action.
I tend to rest and withdraw in the winter time. It's my period of reflection and stillness. I enjoy hibernation during this time of year.
In light of the recent occurrences and circumstances that are going on here in the U.S, I have sat with, meditated and am now being guided to speak.
I'd like to offer the counsel that the Divine has offered me over the years that I feel may be useful to some of you. My role is to always empower individuals to do, share, be and offer what they feel is right and would be most beneficial to our world.
I think the process of discerning how we interact, react, and take action on what we feel is right is something that requires cultivation.
I thought I would help someone better understand what is a Divinely inspired action vs a reaction to a problem or circumstance.
Here are some inquires that could be useful tools when navigating:
1) Are you sharing from your wisdom or your wounds?
Contributing to the world from a wounded place can cause you to be the center point or focus. You could be offering projections and distortions and contributing to the chaos rather than enlightenment. When we have taken the time to heal from our woundedness it creates an unfoldment of wisdom and you can begin to identify the same-ness of what you have been through in other people with similar circumstances and inspire and support them in really beautiful ways.
2) Are you shaming and criticizing others?
This can often come from places of judgment, righteousness, and be very narrow minded. What you send out, you will receive back. It's ok to have a difference of opinion. Seeing the broader picture from various vantage points can help you to establish a sense of compassion and seeing the values that you hold dear in someone else's actions and choices.
3) Are you actually being called into action or reacting to something outside of yourself?
When you are able to take a step back and truly evaluate if this situation can be improved by your contribution and leaning in and asking the Divine if it is appropriate for you to share your philosophies, you can create a cascade or ripple of support. When it is not Divinely inspired or supported there will be a strong backlash that ends up costing you mentally, emotionally and energetically.
4) Are you repeating someone else's words or are they your own?
There are a lot of energetic programs being consumed, dialed in and distributed. We are copy/paste machines. If we are not discerning and intentional about what we subscribe to, we can find ourselves completely off track and again get carried too far away from what could be our service and contribution to humanity.
5) Extremism in any form, helps no one.
The healthiest way to be of service to humanity and to be aligned to your Divine nature and Soul is to have a sense of neutrality, detachment and observance. When you get swallowed up with the frenzy of fear, hate, vengefulness, radical action, calling people out, or choosing sides - you stop creating the world that you want, begin to operate in someone else's program, world and reality which leads to being apart of things that are misaligned. 
I was appropriately called to action during the pandemic in March by the Divine and was asked to provide support to Empaths, Healers and Intuitives. My entire business strategy was thrown out the window in 2020 and the Divine asked me to offer what was needed.
The racial divide in the U.S. is going through a healing right now. I feel that I have a very interesting perspective to offer. In June, July and again recently, when I asked the Divine if it would be helpful or appropriate for me to share my perspective - I have been asked to step back and allow the voices that need to be heard to step forward. Sometimes this inaction has been painful for me to "just observe" but I appreciate that there is a Divine process unfolding and as much as I would like to think I could contribute to the healing, it wasn't meant to be part of the process.
I am sharing because I have been practicing this and I am embracing releasing control, not having all the answers, trusting, allowing and surrendering.
So, next time you feel obligated to do something about the problems, circumstances or changes that are occurring - I recommend asking yourself, "Is this truly mine to do? and What am I creating right now?"

Drop into your heart. You'll know the answer 💗

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