9 ways that have earned and saved me money this year!

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One of the biggest lessons that I understood very early on in my awakening process was around money. We are not meant to sacrifice and suffer. The Divine's perspective is that we can all have access to money and it can be available to us. 

I believe one of the shifts of the New Earth paradigm is directly connected to wealth. I know it is. It's one of the primary programs that the Divine downloaded to me, for my guides to teach me, and then for me to offer others. (We'll circle back to that on another day.) 

My point is, this was one of the very first areas where the Divine wanted to set the story straight from their perspective. I have to tell you, I unravelled a lot. My mind went through some expansion to say the very least. I felt like a brand new baby with some of the lessons.  

One of my greatest challenges to overcome has been around receiving and asking for what I want. Once I opened myself to receive in all ways, I was shown more and more where I was connected to lines of prosperity. 

Some of that came through businesses I was already investing in or affiliated with. I am sharing this in hopes that you will allow yourself to explore new opportunities to be supported too. I came up with a list of over 10 but I was guided to shorten it.

Here are the 9 ways that saved and earned me money broken down by organization and why I love them! I have included affiliate links so if you decide to sign up, you get a little something extra and I do too! 

  1. Fetch -  Is a mobile app that I scan all of our receipts into from groceries, shopping, to meals out. I receive points that I have cashed in for a couple hundred dollars and used towards more shopping, meals out and movies. They have a lot of partners so you have a ton of options in where you spend your earnings. I have been amazed at how much credit we receive from our regular shopping online and at stores.  
    Sign up with my link to get 2,000 pts. 🤗

  2. Lemonade - When we went shopping for renter's insurance this year, this one was a 'stand out from the crowd' company. They offer a whole lot and ask for just a little. We recommended them to residents in our apartment building. They have a charitable ethos. They offer car, pet, homeowner's, life, and rental insurance. So many great things I could say about them. The reality is, we need insurances. They cover and assess the needs and keep it affordable and friendly. 🍋🍋
  3. Kajabi - If you are ready to go online with your mentorship check out Kajabi. We invested in this teaching platform in January 2018 and we have never looked back! This investment has saved us so much time and money. It's allowed us to travel and work from anywhere. Kajabi is ever evolving for their ideal clients, creators and coaches. We have used it to host both of our online schools, websites, courses, webinars, email lists, funnels, freebies, everything! I like having all my stuff in one place as an entrepreneur and my clients LOVE using their app to access all of the tutorial videos, guided meditations and teaching materials. We now receive a monthly income from the people whom we have referred.  Kajabi is currently running a promotion for new members to receive 3 months of service and support for $99. One of their best deals! Their customer service is one of the best we have ever dealt with. Nothing we have ever taken to them has been unsatisfactory.
  4. ThredUP - I have always been a fan of cycling clothes through. When I found this company that gave me a place to donate or consign the items from my closet in exchange for cash or credit where I could also buy new things with tags, designer, or gently used all inside an app so that I did not have to go to a store to try things on, I was IN! They are so eco-conscious that every time I purchase an order they tell me how much electric and water I have saved and landfill space I have spared. It just makes me feel good in my soul! I got a name brand pair of black high heeled sexy boots last year for $5! I have bought everything from swimsuits (hello, Florida), jumpers, shoes, gym clothes, and dresses. Anything I want is on there. My link will give you $10 to start shopping with. I invite you to discover if you love them like I do! I have sent them 3 huge bags of clothes in 2 years and rotated what is in my closet. I am in love with this company. I get to shop from my bed. 🛌

  5. Overtone - I love going platinum blonde with my hair but it is expensive and can be costly in damaging my hair. My stylist recommended this company to me because they offer highly pigmented conditioners that wash out over time. I now go to my stylist only 3-4 times a year to go fully platinum. In between those visits, I have colored my hair magenta, purple, teal, rose gold, and silver. The conditioner treatment leaves my hair highly glossy, soft to the touch, easy to style and doesn't bleed. The fading is beautiful. When I start out with vibrant purple and it fades evenly to a rare shade of lilac, I get so many compliments. People stop me in the elevator all the time to ask me about it. My link will give you a discount off your first order. I recommend being bold. Try something out that you always wanted to!

  6. Mint Mobile - Phone service can be a complicated issue. Every single one of our family members have gotten out of a phone contract or over priced service and opted into Ryan Reynold's phone service provider. My son received a year's worth of service for under $200. Riley and I have our own plans and pay less than $30 a month. Mint keeps things simple. Ryan has a wonderful give back and pay it forward ethos. I think he's going to continue to inspire big changes in industries that need a heart conscious leader for growth. It's super affordable. We pay either 3 months, 6 months or a year at at time. No contracts, hidden fees, or agendas. Coverage is great. You get to keep your phone number if you want to when you switch. 😁

  7. CashApp - I love being able to pass money around to my friends and family without the cost of incurring transaction fees. My son and I also signed up to receive one of their custom debit cards. Mine has its own character. I love seeing the diamond I put on it in my wallet. When I share my link with friends we are both gifted $5. The only regret I have about CashApp is that I did not sign up sooner. 

  8. Venmo - Similar to CashApp in that we are able to pay each other back or pay in advance or installments for things with our friends and family without transaction costs. They have surprised me recently with cash giveaways and promotional opportunities to receive money. They also will give $5 to both people when a friend refers someone. Great way to save and earn dollars.

  9. Wise - We have a global business. As such, we are dealing with various currencies all over the planet. Wise is the best when it comes to exchange rates and the cost of transaction fees. We have been paid and paid quite a lot of people in the last few years using this company. They never disappoint. Transactions are easy, smooth, money is always there on time and it beats the competitor's rates. You get to keep more of the money that is destined for you. 

Those are 9 practical ways that I have allowed myself to receive and it's felt really good to tell you all about them. Share the wealth! Recommend your friends and teachers. Many people have fallen on hard times in the last few years or dealt with pay cuts. I think that a little bit of love in the financial knowingness department can go a long way. Every cent counts. I praise the pennies just like I do the dolla' bills. They are all gifts from God and the Universe that loves us and wants to take care of us. 

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