How do you learn best?

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A self assessment for group programs, private mentorship or self study online courses.
With 17 years as an educator and school administrator and 27 as a mom, I understand that we all learn differently. I aim to make various types of learning available at New Earth Magic School and all the programs I offer.
When determining if self study, group, or private mentorship is the right option for you, please consider these 5 things:

1) Budget – Many people choose group programs and digital courses because they are typically more cost effective but what is your completion rate and comfortability in a group setting with a more standard curriculum?

Having premium access to a trainer or mentor can often be customized and created to your specific needs. However, you will need to prepare for the price point to be substantially higher. Think double what the investment is for the curriculum to add that person’s time in to dote on you in a love and care package.

Thankfully, we have partnered with finance companies that are able to give our clients access to our support at payments that are in their comfort zone and capability. Because of this feature, many more souls are being served at the level they desire and their needs are being met.

2) Accountability – Are you a self motivator or do you often need someone to hold you accountable to stay on task to meet your goals and bring your desires to fruition? Do you thrive in group settings where tasks are being completed as a group or a buddy system? If so, self study may not be the right fit for you. You will want to consider onboarding the support of a mentor if you find it difficult to stay focused, on task, and on time with your goals on your own.

3) Pace - Speed and time, focus, attention. Our resources can be at a minimum at different points in our lives. If someone makes a lofty investment in a transformation, it is paramount that they actually have the time and space to apply themselves to this project. If you like to learn quickly and have the time and space to do so, then private mentorship may be for you. If you are often overloaded and overwhelmed and prefer to process slowly, then self study may be the best route for you.

4) Nurture – Do you prefer to have 100% of someone’s complete attention on you and your goals? I think that this is important to know about yourself. If your preference is to learn in a quiet setting with only you and the trainer, then you will most likely be dissatisfied in a group setting.

Most often, the instructor will stick to the compatible and relevant curriculum for the majority of the group and you may feel disappointed that your specific needs are not being seen and met.

If you have ever felt that, it’s important that you honor this about yourself and only enroll in private mentorship. It’s the arrangement you thrive in and learn best. That’s okay as long as you set aside a budget that accommodates this need. Some may find that a small group is ok. 10 or less is considered semi-private mentorship and most facilitators have 1-1 perks or upgrades available.

5) External Processor – Do you learn by hearing yourself express your thoughts aloud? Many of my clients do! They often send me voice memo recordings where they are sharing what they learned, felt, experienced and taken away from the things that I have offered or what the curriculum has taught them. This can take valuable time in a group setting. You will want to make sure that if you are an external processor that the training provides a space for you to share and do this. If you require privacy for these thoughts, you are going to want to invest in private mentorship.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding now about whether you are a best aligned for self study, group, or private mentorship. 

Our doors are open at and we are enrolling Intuitives, Healers, Empaths, and Mediums who want to activate their unique gifts, call home their special powers, confidently communicate with the Divine with ease, and embrace their multidimensionality.

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