Our Society's Matrix Problem Needs a Re-vision

5d 5th dimension abundance alignment ascension divine guidance evolution freedom galactic races mindcontrol new earth new paradigm prosperity reprogramming soul ascension sovereignty the shift Nov 27, 2023

Since the very beginning of my channeling ability, the first 8 pages of notes I took from my guardian angel’s dictation in 2012 was about how life on earth was changing. God was “turning the temperature up” on our frequencies so that we experience more unity, love, and oneness. 

I have been asked to share the details of what I have been showed and taught. 

At first, what I was channeling matched lessons spoken by spiritual teachers, Edgar Cayce, Penache Desai, Eckhart Tolle, Dr. David Hawkins, Neale Donald Walsch, Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Joel S. Goldsmith, Ernest Holmes and more, so my peers told me and I would later discover. 

For years, I did not read anyone else’s material so that I could  maintain the integrity of my Divine connection. 

I was often quizzed by friends, answered questions while in trance, and I shared verbally or by transcribing what I was receiving in my meditations and Divine lessons. 

In all the conversations I have had with the Divine and there have been thousands, consider up to 3-4 times a day for 12 years, there has never been any conversation about a galactic war or spiritual warfare. 

On the contrary, it’s always been loving, inviting and hopeful. 

The main focus has always been to assist humanity in having a more joyful, prosperous, and peaceful experience on earth while we go through/endure this ascension process. I say endure because it’s Gaia - our planet who is ascending first and we are copying and pasting her frequencies and bouncing in and out of earth’s grids according to our frequency states. 

In 2019, I received and channeled a very robust program that outfits us with the new “software program” to have more freedom and abundance available to us on planet earth. This program when studied allows us to stay in harmony with Gaia as she ascends. It offers oneness and a heart consciousness process where we become a more loving human family. 

The last 5 years as I have embodied these lessons and truths, I have found myself falling out of resonance with so many who claim to speak about our New Earth.

The Truthers were reprogramming our community with lies. They were using the movie, The Matrix to describe ascension and evolution. I have watched their propaganda be adopted by our society with these constructs.

Upon closer examination, the very word matrix originates from the Latin and English words for mother and womb!  

I cannot allow this to continue within my soul family without inviting you to become aware of the New Earth paradigm. My hope is that my contribution to this conversation will usher in a higher perspective around society’s evolution rather than perpetuating a false narrative that has been embraced by our current culture.

Believing that our ascension is anything like what is shown in the movie, The Matrix is not allowing people to choose the realms, dimensions and timelines that are available and truly abundant and free. 

Since I have spent all these years alchemizing the new earth codes and codes of conduct, I feel very confident speaking out to why this narrative is a non-matching construct for the New Earth Paradigm. 

I ask you to feel into it and decide if they truly cause you to feel abundant and free. 

The movie, The Matrix demonstrates the following codes and behaviors which are embedded in the old earth software, lower realms, and timelines. 
They do not match the New Earth codes or codes of conduct provided to me by the galactic, Creator and the Divine:

  1. Hierarchy - placing anyone above/below us, judging or seeing ourselves as better than
  2. Duality - us vs them, red or blue pill; New Earth invites us to play inside the grays of acceptance and allowing people to be free and for us to become less reactive to things outside of our control, choice, and creation
  3. Activates warrior and hero templates, people looking for a savior
  4. People have to escape to be truly free
  5. All the fighting
  6. Looking outside of us for answers instead of within
  7. In search of an oracle, someone who knows all and has the answers, rather than becoming an oracle governed by Soul/Self
  8. Life isn’t fun. There’s no playing games or creating art. It’s too serious. Life is on hard mode all the time.
  9. No actual freedom. Just moving from one reality to another. Still fighting and running. 
  10. These “codes” are nothing like what the Divine describes a code to be: Energy packets of data that can educate, enlighten and transform

It’s for these reasons that I ask each of you who read this to truly think about the world and reality you are creating and participating in with your words and the concepts that you subscribe to. Contemplate on this…..

What and whose reality are you subscribing to? 

Where do you want to see yourself and our planet 10-15 years from now?

Would you like to exist on a planet that is more loving and grace filled with more opportunities for each human soul? If so, what is your contribution?

The reality that I am co-creating and I ask you to join me in is of a more loving, free, and abundant New Earth. 

May I also ask that you consider redefining the word ‘matrix’ back to the historical roots to embrace the concepts of womb and mother and not something that we need to fight against and run away from?

I appreciate your willingness to consider what I have shared here. I invite you to allow this conversation to continue to percolate. 

If you feel called to learn more about what I have shared or if you feel a sense of duty to become a more sovereign being and hold these standards of truth for the freedom and prosperity of our New Earth, please reach out to me for options of support and upgrades to your frequency so that you can stay on top of those better timelines and opportunities supported by our beautiful blue planet. 

The choice is ours. What are you creating?

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