The Stair Steps to Divine Communication

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Are you an Empath, Healer or Intuitive who desires simple, focused and targeted steps to master your Divine Communication? 🙋‍♀️

It's no secret that one of my areas of expertise lies in supporting Empaths, Healers and Intuitives to master Divine Communication. This is a subject I have been teaching for many years and one that is close to my heart because I know the impact it has had in my life and the lives of many of my clients. Having a connection to your Divine Support Team and being able to hold conversations with them is life changing and can impact every single area of your life for the better.

I want to share with you what I consider to be the stair steps to mastering your Divine Communication, as well as the tools and teachings that the Divine and I co-created to support you should you feel guided to take steps up the staircase!

Step 1 - Empath Empowerment

This foundational piece is something I strongly encourage all Empaths to learn before they begin to access and fully utilize their spiritual and psychic gifts. It's essential that they learn to unplug themselves from harmful and draining energies and their effects. These energies will often make it difficult and confusing for Empaths to receive guidance, to make sense of what they are receiving and to be a clear channel for information. With this stair step complete they will be tuned in to only the purest channels of information and they'll be prepared to open up and grow psychically and spiritually in the most energetically safe and protected way.

To empower and support you with this step, the Divine and I co-created the Empath Power Up course.

Step 2 - Explore Your Intuition

Once you are protected and empowered as an Empath I recommend that you learn about and practice using your clairs (psychic sensors) to gain an understanding of where your individual strengths lie. The benefits of this are a bit like knowing what type of learner you are (e.g. auditory, visual, verbal) so you can better take in and integrate new information. Understanding what type of "sensor" you are allows you to focus on using your most powerful receiving methods so you can play to your strengths and more easily and clearly receive information and guidance.

Another part of this stair step is having a working knowledge of tools such as oracle cards, pendulums etc. I do not recommend these so that you can become dependent on these tools and favour them over your natural psychic senses. However, I do believe that they can be valuable tools to help you to validate the information you receive and to build both your strength and confidence in your psychic skills.

To provide you with this powerful information and support you in entraining your psychic senses, the Divine and I co-created the
Explore Your Intuition section of our signature courses Spirit Messenger Training and Spirit Messenger Mastery.

Step 3 - Create Clear and Consistent Communication

This is the final stair step to mastering your Divine WiFi. Once you've cleared out the noise and are tuned in to the right channel, confident in how you best receive guidance and information, it's time to focus on creating a consistent conversation with your Divine Support Team. This stage is all about practice and with the right direction there are many things that you can adjust, improve, and pay attention to, in order to build your confidence, clarity and mastery around Divine Communication. Once you have reached the top of this stair step you'll be ready to engage in conversations with your Divine Support Team and able to do so whenever you desire! You'll have a faster and more constant connection without needing to use any cards, pendulums or tools and you'll be able to live and lead by Divinely guided and inspired action. This is where life gets extra magical! 😇

To support you to create a consistent conversation with your Divine Support Team, the Divine and I co-created the
Angel Speaking section of the Spirit Messenger Training and Spirit Messenger Mastery courses.

Step 4 - Upgrade Your Frequency

Throughout all of these stair steps, it's really important that you upgrade your frequency to become attuned to the higher frequencies that are necessary to create a consistent and reliable Divine WiFi connection.

You can think of it a bit like this: If you are trying to access wifi speed internet but you only have the hardware to support dial up speed internet, your current bandwidth or capacity for receiving information is going to be limited to the hardware that you are working with. It will be necessary to update and upgrade what you are working with to receive information at the levels you desire.

This is why throughout each of the corresponding courses I have mentioned I provide energy medicine. This medicine supports you through each stage of your journey and with the correct application will gradually upgrade your hardware and software systems so that you can receive these higher frequencies and hold these Divine conversations.

Well, now you have them! The stair steps to mastering your Divine Communication. 🌟

Let me know, where do you think you are on these stair steps?

If you have questions for me or don't feel certain which is the best next stair step for you, let me know at
[email protected]

I would be honored to help you hook up your Divine Wi-Fi ✨

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